Ok, so I had two horror movie commercials that screwed with me a little as a kid and I wanted to find the movie and watch it because I can legally drink and shouldn’t be scared of them anymore.

First one is very, very vague but I remember a scene in the trailer where this woman was in the bathroom in front of a mirror and she looks away. Then, her reflection, moving on its own, sticks its hand into its mouth to its lower and top jaw as if to rip the lower jaw off. The trailer ends there.

The second one is also vague. All I remember was that there was a big sister and a little brother in it, and near the end, a bald man was crawling on the ceiling. Then his head starts to turn until it is completely upside down.

That’s all I remember, but I appreciate any and all help that comes my way.

Answered question

Could the first one be Mirrors (2008)?