Ninja Cop movie?

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I am trying to find a movie that I partially saw when I was around 12. The movie is either from the early 90s or 80s. There is a scene where a cop(at least I think that’s what he is) fights a bunch of henchman and then I think a bigger build chinese guy starts fighting him and the guy ends up in a bunch of tires and then the chinese guy takes a big machine gun from one of the other henchman and shots the guy in both kneecaps and then in the chest. Then I only remember the ending with the hero running after the main villain with a sword and he has him cornered and the villain starts screaming while the hero is having a flashback to (I assume his partner) the guy being shot even though he was not there when that happend. After he is done with his flashback he kills the villain by taking off his head with the sword. Anyone know what movie that is?

VHS_Lives Answered question Mar 5, 2021

Unless Bolo Yeung is the chinese guy, this sounds vaguely like Marked for Death with Steven Segal


Yes that’s the one. Thank you. Already bough the german Blu-Ray and just watched it. It’s fun 😀