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Hi everyone,
I don’t even know what country this film is from, only that it is somewhere in Europe/former soviet/possibly Iran. It seemed to be from the eighties, possibly the early nineties, but no later since that was when I saw it on TV.

A shipping container appears in a village in a desolate landscape. The local children open it up and find an old convertible inside. They take it for a joy ride and almost crash into a billboard advertising a seaside resort, so they decide to go on a roadtrip to the sea. There is one scene where the boys are standing on steel girders of an unfinished building, urinating at sunset. In another there are some abandoned ships stranded on the land, still far from the sea and they throw rocks at them. They find some gangster like clothes in the boot, dress up like gangsters and then start acting like them. They start fighting amongst themselves just as they stumble upon the sea and suddenly forget all of their fights and go play in the sea.

Because of the ships stranded on land I thought that maybe it was from the Aral sea, but a search on IMDB didn’t turn up anything. I also know that Iranian filmmakers like to use stories involving children, but again an IMDB search didn’t turn up anything.

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