not a piano movie, but mc had a piano tutor who broke down & tore up the record she had published


The main character, a young girl, sometimes goes to a woman’s house for piano lessons. The woman recorded an album of her piano playing in the past. One day when the girl comes over, there are pieces of the record strewn all over the room. After the recording was published, she had tried to give a live performance but was ashamed that she wasn’t skilled enough to play well without being able to pick the best recorded takes. Being asked to be a piano tutor has been reminding her of her anxiety, and she finally had a breakdown.

I don’t think this was the main plot, I think the main story had to do with the girl & her family. Since the only part of the movie I can remember has to do with the piano tutor, all of my searches are filled with movies about music/pianos. I think it was either a coming-of-age film or a slice of life of the girl & her family, or possibly a drama.

I was born in ’95, I think I saw the movie when I was pretty young like definitely under 10. I don’t think it was a new movie when I saw it. It may have been black & white, or more likely was just an older movie that hadn’t been remastered.

pianotudor Asked question Mar 11, 2021