Not your typical Christmas movie.. vague memory.

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So I’ve been trying to wrack my brain for this movie I watched probably about 10-15yrs ago on TV so I’m guessing it was released around 20yrs ago.

My vague memory was that a guy (25-30yrs old) came back to his home town to visit for the holiday season to stay with parents and end up meeting with old friends. It was a small town from what I remember and it was snowing. He end up getting drunk most nights with old friends.

One thing about the film he was currently

single and not having much luck with the ladies when he falls for a girl who’s under his age, probably a teen. He meets her in at some outdoor ice rink as she is skating.

I thought it was John Cusack as the lead character but I’ve been through his IMDb and still can’t find it.

Hopefully that jogs someones memory. Thanks

Scotred Asked question Dec 30, 2021