obscure 60’s/70’s british sci-fi/thriller

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The film is about a man who for some reason signs up to some deal where everything he sees through his eyes gets screened live on all the tv’s in Britain. I think he realises that he will die at the end so wants to get out of the deal but he can’t, so he goes on the run. At some point he’s in Scotland, one or two nights he’s in a homeless shelter (although that could also be from another film I’m mixing it up with). There’s a woman in the film who I think is the only ones who believes him. There’s also en evil doctor. It’s quite bonkers, and I can’t for the life of me remember much else and it’s doing my head in.


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Thank you so much! Amazing. Got it wrong in many ways and you still knew! Brilliant.

I searched on and off for 2 days for it. Finally I matched the right set of words.