Back in the late 70s or early 80s there was a TV movie that felt like an “After-School” movie but it may have just been a regular TV movie. I have looked through the episode lists of all the major A-S anthologies of this type (ABC After School Special, Lifetime, etc) with no luck. This is definitely NOT one of those famous movies about teen pregnancy like “Juno”, “For Keeps”, or “Fifteen and Pregnant”.

This is what I remember about the movie. The main characters are all white/suburban people. A teen (14-16??) girl misses her cycle and fears pregnancy. She has a platonic male best friend (not the father) who she confides in and gets his help [A] to do a pregnancy test, and [B] to help her get an abortion. She is the daughter of a successful businessman (I think in the construction business) but is afraid to tell him of her situation. The boy finds a “backroom abortion” but does not have the money to pay for it (around $300 I think) so he goes to the girl’s father and explains he has gotten “a girl” in trouble and needs to borrow some money to take care of it. The father is willing to help out his daughter’s friend but insists on “the girl” going to a real doctor for the procedure, which he arranges. I think legal abortions for teens were legally tricky at the time.

There is not much else I remember about the movie except two scenes that oddly stuck in my head:
[1] When the boy helps the girl get a home pregnancy test she takes it in the bathroom and closes the door but seems to be having trouble peeing on the stick. The boy stands outside the bathroom trying to encourage her by telling her to think of water (“Splash! Splash!”). I guess it was so silly it made me laugh and I remember things that I laugh about.
[2] When the boy goes to the girl’s father he is so frightened that he is openly weeping while asking for help. The father at first thinks the boy is embarrassed until by the look on the boy’s face the father realizes the girl the boy is trying to help is his own daughter. That is when he insists she use a real doctor. The father has always looked on the boy as a quasi-son but he is furious with the boy after that.

I wish I could remember more but I only saw it once. I don’t even remember the ending. It is one of those holes in my memory I would like to fill in.

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