Old 70s/80s horror film about a guy who dresses as Jennifer and murders people.

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Please can anyone help me find this film, it was about a murderer, people thought was a woman but in fact the only scene I only remember the last scene where the main man in the film dresses up as a woman and says he is the murderer. I only remember him turning around at the end and saying ‘I am Jennifer’ he is dressed in a ladies nightgown with a wig and lipstick and holding a knife. Can anyone help?

VHS_Lives Posted new comment Jan 31, 2022

Can this be ruled out?
Night After Night After Night (1969).

Thank you for the suggestion, I’ve just had a watch and it’s not that. Any suggestions welcome I’ve been looking for so long for this film. I think it was 70s or early 80s and it was set in a big guest type house and there was a woman that people saw roaming the halls at night, the owner said it was his sister (or maybe aunt) anyway at the end it is revealed to be him dressed up wondering the halls killing people. And it was such a scary moment when you thought it was the woman but then he turned round and revealed it was him in drag and he had a knife in his hand. This film scared me so much as a youngster I would love to watch it again just to put the demons to bed 🤣

horrorfan, I am almost 100% positive i posted the answer to your quest