Old Bowling Film

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An old bowling film where the protagonists encounter a 7-10 split near the end of the film which they called the “Impossible Snake Eyes”. There was some CGI imagery of a snake while they showed the split and the protagonist eventually cleared the split by sliding one pin across the alley.

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when did you see this film?

When I heard bowling film the first thing that came to mind was Bill Murray with his see-through ball with roses in it in https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kingpin_(1996_film), however towards the end they call it a “Much dreaded 7/10 split” and in lieu of CGI imagery at the very end they have a woman who impersonates a snake”.

I saw this film a long time ago. I think it was at least 5-10 years ago. I don’t think it was the Kingpin film since the film i watched had the pin slide across the alley instead of hitting the backboard. I vaguely recall that it might be an asian film but i am not too sure about that. i also recall that somewhere in the film someone also scores a perfect game.