Old cartoon, bully with slingshot shoots frozen snack in snowy village, please help

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Hello. I’ve been losing my mind for years trying to figure out what movie this memory is from. Honestly a part of me is beginning to think I made it up. All I remember is that it was a cartoon and one specific scene. The cast are in a village in winter and one of them is carrying either ice cream cones or snow cones, I can’t remember exactly which it is but it’s some form of frozen treat like that. Suddenly the Ice cream/Snow cone get’s shot out of their hand by a local kid using a slingshot. I’m thinking there is a later scene where the kid is apologizing. I’ve also been thinking it was part of a movie created specifically to teach life lessons to children. 99.999% sure it isn’t a Disney movie. (I looked through Disney+ for it and nothing jumped out at me.)
I can’t remember anything else about it. Names of cast or characters, release year, production company, anything. Other than I would have had it on VHS.

I’ll randomly remember that one scene and spend days obsessively scouring the internet only to come up with nothing, then I’ll eventually forget about it for several months until I eventually remember again and the cycle repeats, and I’ve been stuck in this cycle for probably around 5 years now. Please, anything you have. I’m desperate at this point.

Edit 1: There may have been a plot point about them needing to get the ice cream/snow cone somewhere before it melted? I don’t know for sure though.

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