Old, Foreign, Vignettes as a Chimney Fell… what was this?


This has been driving me crazy for over two decades. When I was a kid (between 1989 and 1995) I saw a foreign film on what had to be late night public television (USA, Detroit, MI). It was black and white, very old looking, and foreign. It may have been French or Italian but I don’t remember specifically. Maybe there were subtitles or maybe I’m just projecting them on an old movie because that’s what they’re supposed to look like. I do remember that in the description that it was about these little scenes occurring to different people all during the time it took for a chimney, the tall brick time, to fall away from a building and finally collapse. I remember one scene, a man walked into the park and melded with the grass.

Stjepan Answered question Apr 20, 2021