Old Horror zombie movie

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I watched this movie on TV about 25 years ago (I was about 10 years old….) I don’t know if it was an English-language movie.

It was about a guy and his girlfriend who is a Zombie (infected), while the guy is not.

There is a scene in the movie where the girl tries to use a metal spring to take off some flesh from her arm, so she can eat it.

The girl never attacks her boyfriend, they seem to love each other very much, even though the zombies in this movie are brainless, yet maybe she is not fully infected yet.

In another scene where this couple, along with another group of people being followed by an infected zombie, arrive at some kind of gate of a metal fence. A zombie gets his head through the gate and the guy hits him with some kind of metal bar or a stick on the head and the zombie’s head cuts off and dies, well, it is a zombie, so I don’t know what the correct word.

This is pretty much all what I can still remember, I know that it seems to be a tough one, but I thought I would try.

I was too young to understand anything, but I lost sleep for countless nights because of this movie, and I would love to watch it again.

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