Old movie about silly wishes being granted


Hi guys, hope everyone is well.

So it’s an old movie where in one scene the main caracter is in a restaurant where he meets a man who can eat without ever being full, because he wished he could eat and eat without being full and it came true so now he has to spend all his money on food because he is always hungry

I also remember that the main caracter drives through the country in a convertible and meets different people. Probably driving on route 66?

Basically about people who wish for silly things that have been granted

Can’t remember any of the actors, but I think the main caracter is a middle aged man.

I’ve tried everything else, let’s hope someone here can figure out which movie this is

Summer Unselected an answer Jul 9, 2021

interstate 60

great movie.

Summer Unselected an answer Jul 9, 2021