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Hi community, I’ve been a long time trying to find this movie without success. It’s an old TV comedy movie (I think) I saw when a kid, where a kind of Pumpkinhead killer goes behind a woman or couple (don’t remember) and every time the girl kills the pumpkin in self-defense, it apparently dies, but then it reappears in following scenes, so the girl has to kill it several times. Something I can remember is that when the pumpkin is near, it starts whistling.

hope you can help.

thanks in advance.

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Is it a pumpkin on his head?
Wacko (1982) had that

it’s not Wacko, my memory of it is vague, but something I do remember is that the killer whistled or hummed a melody when near.

I need to clarify, the killer has a pumpkin head, or looks like the horror monster “pumpkinhead”?

to be honest I don’t remember how it looked, it could be a scarecrow or something else, what I say comes from a line the girl repeated several times as she was hitting the thing, she said “die damn pumpkin”. I do remember that the thing spent the whole movie trying to kill the same girl, and the girl killed the thing all the times in all ways possible, but the thing continued re-appearing (as comedies do) to go behind the girl