Old UFO movie



I’m looking for an old movie (probably from 70s or 80s, maybe 90s) about ufo encounters. As I can remember, the movie starts with a scene about a fighter squadron (maybe 19th fighter squadron in Bermuda Triangle?) flying somewhere at night. The only thing I can remember is that at the end of the scene only one pilot remains, takes a look at a photo of his family and starts to shoot at a giant UFO spaceship, and than just dissapears or dies, I’m not sure. I have no other memory from the movie.
I thought it is the begining of ‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind’ but I’ve already watched this movie and couldn’t find a similar scene.

Thanks a lot!

casspir Answered question Apr 20, 2022

“The Sender” (1998)?
Quote from an IMDb review from this page:

“opening with the Corsairs encountering a U.F.O over the Bermuda Triangle

casspir Answered question Apr 20, 2022