Older movie(in color) with a very long fight scene-help me find it


I only know a few things about this movie, and all center on this one scene… the fight scene. It was extremely long and was constantly switching from normal to slow motion and it might have occasionally went fast. It took place outdoors, I seem to remember picnic tables and pine trees and it being very dry. The fight scene was also a full on brawl, many people fighting at once, just punching each other and such, I don’t remember any guns.

Something in me feels like the movie was from the 70s (probably bc of how weird the fight scene was) but it could be from the 60s or 80s too.

Please help me find it! I’ve occasionally searched the web for the past ten years with no luck. I happened to watch it on day time TV when I was a kid in the 90s, so I really don’t remember much, but I want to find that movie/scene so bad.

Thank you so much!!!!

LeighanneH Asked question Aug 27, 2021