Parody tears

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Can anyone remember a spoof scene with someone going to extremes of fake crying?

It keeps cutting back to him, and every time it does he’s going further and further to cry. By the end I even (possibly mistakenly) remember almost like a harness across the top of the head (white straps?) holding two very obvious hoses at the side of his head…

This might be a spoof movie (eg !Airplane, Top Secret!, Hot Shots). This might also be a TV show. I wondered if it was something obscure, like a British comedy TV show, but I still can’t bring it to mind….

I could be wrong, but I’d guess it’s pre-2000, and probably a fair amount earlier, eg 70s-90s.

I’m picturing someone like Leslie Neilsen or Red Dwarf’s Kryten or maybe Jim Carrey, but it’s hard to be sure, that might just be from trying to remember it.

I don’t believe it’s the scene from Airplane where they are landing (though I may have accidentally incorporated aspects of that in my memory, as that’s kind of close).
It’s definitely not Danny Crane in Boston Legal or Count Olaf in A Series of Unfortunate Events.

JamesC Asked question Nov 26, 2021