-Movie is a period drama set in England (I think) the movies was probably made in the 90/s or 2000’s
-Movie is based on a woman who works in a household where she isn’t treated well (woman wears dark long dresses).
-The money she makes supports her family who also do not treat her well, I remember a scene where she visits her parents who are poor and her dad treats her poorly and tells her off. I remember she had siblings in the house and I believe they felt sorry for the way she was being treated.
-This lady then meets a man who I believe is a drifter and not well liked. They fall in love and I believe they have a child together (not sure about this part). I remember the man falling ill and the woman is distressed as she doesn’t.t know how to help him. I believe there is a storm outside and she braves the storm in search of help.
That is all I remember of this movie, iv/e searched everywhere for the title and I can’t seem to find it.

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