Please can someone help me find this movie?

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PLOT: It’s a very little know film in English. About a little more than two hours. It’s about a man and a transgender (male to female) boy who crossdresses or he might as well just be a crossdresser. The boy gets very attached to the man.

PARTICULAR SCENE: And there’s an impactful scene I remember vividly (for it made me uneasy), the man made the boy strip naked and left him near a rocky sea shore due to some misunderstanding or so I believe. He came back a few moments later and picked him up while giving him some nice feminine clothes. Then they both went to a club. Later in a scene the boy cried in the bathroom. The boy here looks well like a young guy while the man looks middle aged and had a stubled beard. I loved the boys performance.

MOVIE COVER/POSTER? : The cover had a red theme, The man was sitting on a black chair and there was some use of black like a whip? Or the boy in stockings or corset? I don’t remember. And it did have a profile in imdb which I can’t find.

ACTOR: Unfortunately, even though I searched about the actors when I first watched it, I can neither remember the title nor the actor’s name who played the boy except for the fact that HE WAS IN SOME SMALL MUSICAL where he didn’t get a very great review. Although he did have a small page in Wikipedia.

I once stumbled upon this flim online after my friend recommend a different movie. I regret not noting it down or taking screenshot.

I’ve been looking for this for quite a while now but all my tries have failed. I’ll be very grateful if someone helps.

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