I cannot remember the movie but I remember the plot it is about a woman who is bringing her fiance to meet her family during a holiday can’t remember which one but her fiance ends up being married separated from his wife and her brother’s best friend just broke up with his girlfriend and they are going to be on the flight the other they meet each other at the airport and he finds out at the airport that his dad is dying of cancer and his one regret is he will never see him get married so the guy tells his dad he is marrying his best friend’s younger sister he tells her about the situation on the plane and they decide to pretend to be fake fiance’s and get married the family decides to plan the entire wedding he ends up dating someone else because they’re not really engaged in the end they end up falling in love for real at the end the end of his son and naming it after his father please help me figure out this movie it’s driving me bonkers

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