I searched a lot but all I could get was bucket list . I’ve been searching for this movie for about a year it’s frustrating. If anyone could help I would really appreciate.
It starts with a man in subway ,I guess,I don’t really remember what happened, but I guess he hit something so he got tested and found out that had cancer and then they sent him to a hospital where he met the other guy with problems with his lungs so he always should breathe oxygen. They stole other patients stuff that had stored and by selling them got a fancy car and then the man with cancer lied to the other guy so he could go and see his daughter and his ex wife (that was apparently getting married ) in the way lots of thing happened like how they escaped the hospital or how they brought a gun to plane how they got the van and went to wedding and almost destroyed every thing by that gun but then the man that didn’t think that had much time left recorded a video to his daughter about very stupid lessons like how to make candles out of can or something then the man found out than the test results were not his and he didn’t have cancer but the other guy did die in the end of the movie on roof with the now very healthy guy. .

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Is Morgan Freeman in the movie?

Morgan Freeman