Please help me find a war movie i saw as a kid!


For many years i have tried to find a movie I saw on the TV around 13 to 15 years ago, so first off it must be older than 2008. Its a movie with sound and colour and actors so its not too old either.
There are a few specific details i remember:there was some kind of war or battle and one of the armies were wearing blue uniforms and I think the other army had red uniforms but Im not 100% sure. Then I know that in this movie there was a scene of a soldier with round glasses who was shot, it might have been in slow motion. Then I also remember a specific scene of a soldier on his knees surrounded by by enemies and his hands were tied behind his back and I think he had long hair, he might have been a war prisoner. Then i remember a scene where some kind of village, army camp or trenches was attacked by enemies and enemies won. Other details Im really not sure off but I think that the side on which the main characters were on, was the one that lost, but also we were shown a little bit of the opposing sides perspective. The movie takes place before 20th century as if i remember correctly the guns that were used were bout the same as the ones during The Ciwil war and because of this I thought that this movie is about Ciwil war but I have searched a lot and not find the one: but movies like Glory, gods and generals, the patriot all remind of the movie im looking for. Im starting to believe that this could also be a foreign film as I have not found the one in english.
Any suggestions will be apreciated, thank you!:)

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Can Revolution (1985) be ruled out?


With that description I don’t think i’ve seen this movie before. I will suggest you that you could try to remember or find any of the cast of the movie ,where the act was taking place and for what reason ? … I haven’t seen many civil war movies…also were there any black men in the movie ?

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