I watched a movie on netflix a few years ago and a few days after I watched it it got taken off of netflix and I have never been able to find it since. It was an Asian horror movie/phycological horror. A lady and her fiance get invited to a cruise or something and they go and it’s a really run down old big boat and there’s a few other people there confused as well and they get locked in a room and told that they will all die and they will have to play these games/puzzles to survive. I think the first thing was like a Russian roulette kinda deal where they had to sit at different seats like a carasol kinda thing and one person randomly dies. They go to different parts of the boat doing different things and one room had sheets and stuff up I think and someone gets cut up and everyone’s dying one by one and she’s going along with one guy the whole time who has a mustache. One they all die other than the woman they find out it is all a set up and everyone was in on it other than the woman and it was her future mother in law that set it all up to test if she was worthy of her son. And the guy takes off his mustache. I know this probably makes no sense sorry. It’s been driving me crazy. It’s title was just one word and it was a long word and I think it started with p or s. Any help would be appreciated. Thankyou

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