Please help me find this movie!

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A guy is in a bar (or a diner) talking to his friend who owns it. Then a girl walks (she might have already been in there) in who he begins to talk to. Then a rich guy walks in and tries to hit on that girl too and he acts like a dickhead. So the original guy steps in and tells him to back off (not the exact words) so the rich guy starts a fight. The fight escalates into a fist fight between the original guy and the rich one (could have been a gun pulled by the rich guy). Then it leads to the original guy and the girl running outside and taking the rich guys porsche (could be a different car) and getting away. Little does the original guy know he got himself into trouble getting into the fight with the rich man and taking his car (and maybe girl if she walked in with him).

Spray Asked question Jun 25, 2022