Please help me find this Movie


Movie all occurs in one day. Main character is a women and a male stranger tries to give her an amazing day ( turns out he is a childhood bully trying to make up for it) I think British 2000-2015 (guessing)

At the start of the movie she is reading a book at a bus post and some random guy comes up to her and tries to pick her up. She declines and he dumps his drink (coffee) on her.

She works at a deli or restaurant. This guy comes in and convinces her to help him try on clothes for his sister because they are the same size ( it was awkward but less creepy then sounds) then he buys her some clothes and does nice things for her (they go around the city doing touristy things). At some point she tells him about the guy that dumped the drink on her.

While they are passing a pub they see the drink-dumping guy (DDG) go in, the “ex-bully now nice guy” (E-B) goes in to confront the DDG and he’s siting with his wife and son. E-B tells him off and his wife says something along the lines off “you did it again, didn’t you”. Turns out DDG is also works as a women’s advocate (as a job).

At some point she finds out who E-B is and gets upset and leaves. At end of movie I think he goes back to the deli and does a convincing monologue and she forgives him and they kiss or something.

Technically it would be a romance but it wasn’t cheesy, more drama.

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