Please help me find this movie!

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Been trying to find this movie for ages, last watched it many years ago but i seem to remember most of the details (Many of this may be wrong) it was about this little girl and she did something or her parents did so the authorities tried to take her parents and her away but she hid in the nearest hay pile and so she ended up becoming an orphan, she spent most of her days navigating and stealing from near by places for food and clothing, she was in very rough shape and i think i remember her finding a dog or an animal? she also ended up getting lice in her hair, so she sets to go the city to a grandpa with a dog i’m pretty sure, and at the end of the movie she gets put with the grandpa, her hair is shaved and she’s in the hospital getting treatment, i think i also remember her getting put with another family but i’m not very sure about those details, or either she went under the train to bypass the ticket to navigate around, i hope someone can help me find the movie with this terrible description (also i don’t think the movie is in english (not very sure) pretty sure it’s made around the 2000’s or maybe earlier

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probably not it, but maybe “the journey of natty gann”?

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hiii tysm but sadly this isn’t the movie ;( thank u again for ur help