PLEASE help me find this movie


I watched this movie possibly five years ago and have been searching for the title ever since. I have used just about every movie identifying website, to no avail. I am beginning to think I am going insane.

From what I distinctly remember, it opens with a man who has a job he hates painting apartments/houses in a city (potentially NYC I believe). He then is shown destroying his apartment, painting all over the walls and his own body, and attempting suicide by hanging himself, tying the rope to a ceiling fan which then falls and he fails his attempt. He then runs into a woman at a bar, who he becomes obsessed with. She has a boyfriend though, a shitty one who is a musician if I remember correctly.
The protagonist is able to somehow hitch a ride with this woman, in a sort of road-trip style scenic vibe, and they leave the city in a convertible car (for some reason I feel like the man stole the car and is able to convince her to go w him bc its a nice car), to go to the country side (I cant remember why). I remember a scene where they are lying in the middle of the road together. I believe the movie ends with them meeting up with a bunch of her friends and I don’t believe they end up together.

If you can help me find this movie, I will owe you my life.

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