please help me find this movie from my childhood

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ok, so basically this little girl asks for a cat, but her grandmother/mother accidentally gets a dog because of her poor vision. one night as the grandmother/mother goes out she hires a babysitter. the babysitter isn’t very good at her job and forgets about the little girl and runs off with her boyfriend. that’s when two robbers come to the house and tie the two up, as the boyfriend faints. the dog then tries to rescue the girls. the robbers and the dog go back and forth tricking each other, till finally they catch the dog and put it in a bag. one of the robbers drives off with the dog, and as the dog bites him he drops the dog off on the side of the road. someone gives the dog a ride back. the dog makes a trap and catches both of them, and unties the two girls. if it helps any I think the movie was made in either the 1990s or early 2000.

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