Please help me with a Wester movie!!!

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The movie is about a trial, about in 80-90s;
The Defendant, a navy officer’s wife, shot a young good looking man, defend by self defense, the real leading actor and actress are her lawyers. the Defendant tells that she knows the young man, and he sneak into her home to ripe her, after her husband went to work, at last she shot him to death. at last her story bought by the judge and jury and free to go.
But, her lawyer imagined the real story: the young man sneak into her home after her husband went to work, because he is her lover, then she and him have their happy time on the bed (no sex yet). The navy officer saw him in the rearview mirror then came back caught their affair, shot the young man with anger. The Defendant try to save her family, then made up the story.

I watched this movie on Chinese TV, Thank you!!!

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