Please help me with a western movie!!!

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There is a film, USA, kind of like 1980s-90s, the story is seems that, two funny guys and one big guy get on a ship or warcraft, and the bad boss on the ship is plan to launch a missile to hit a rocket that carrying a new Satellite, to mess the world’s data from it, since the missile is carrying a kind of program. at the moment the missile launches, two funny guys were messing around in the control room, made the missile miss the target. then, a bad girl, the bodyguard (slim, high heel boots, and has a relationship with their leading Scientist) , lead her team to fight. there is a dual on the deck, and two funny guys out of the game quickly. but the big guy beat the bad girl easily, and cause their internal conflict, and bad people all get caught. the final sence is that bad girl has a intense straggle in the police station. I watched this on the Chinese TV, and do you know anything about this film? Thank you!

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mchale’s navy?

this is the closest i can find, but mchale has to pirate a satellitle to stop stealing of codes from the satellite.

down periscope is a similar with an oddball crew of navy shipman