Police film with, perhaps, gang of criminal cops

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Basically the scene was where a man, probably a policeman, I think the protagonist, in the evening in a car, outside a classic American house, asks to approach another policeman outside the house, to ask him if he had seen or knew anything about the people who they had killed other policemen, (or some other shady event of the kind), the other policeman turns around for a second during the conversation distracting himself, and turning back to the good policeman in the car he tells him “so what would these” three “people do “In a mocking way, by doing so he betrayed himself by making it clear to the one in the car that he is corrupt and that he had to do with killing or shady deals, also making it clear that there was a” gang “of corrupt and bad policemen. The policeman in the car is a white and young man, the film is set between the 90s and 2000s and is 99% American.

Stonebroke Answered question Jul 7, 2021