Possibly a 90s – early 2000s horror about a woman who is haunted by her deceased mother

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The movie starts with a funeral scene. The main character is a woman and she attends her mother’s funeral.

In a few days though she starts getting haunted by her mother’s ghost ( wearing a blue dress and with dirt on her ). There was one scene in her bedroom at night – I remember there was a fan on the ceiling and it was spinning rapidly.
At the end of the movie it turned out that there were 2 brothers that were actually dressing up as the mother and were haunting this girl.

The final scene was a weird one – at a cemetery in the night and there was a shovel that was moving by itself and was filling a grave with dirt.

I have watched this movie a few times when I was 10 ( so around the year 2000 ) and I really want to know that movie’s name. I referred to it as “The dead mother” when I was a kid. Please help! 🙂

KBAK Asked question Jan 15, 2022