Post WW2 drama set in France. Murder, Nazis and a vineyard (?).

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Release date: 1980-1995.
It begins when WW2 is still going.
There is a vineyard or a place where champagne is produced. The old guy who owns it, gets killed one night by a boy (a teenager?) from an affluent family. I’m not sure what his motive was, but he was in league with the Nazis.
The murder is secretly witnessed by the young son of the the owner.
At the funeral of the owner, the murderer who is in attendance, spits on the coffin of the old man. The son of the owner sees this and tells his mother (or some other woman) that the boy who spat on the coffin is the killer of his father.
The story jumps ahead a few years, WW2 is over.
The son of the owner decides to take revenge for his father, he kidnaps the murderer, ties him to a tree and shoots him.
I think he later gets publicly executed for this and once he’s dead, he slumps down and a medallion pops up from under his shirt. I don’t remember what is looked like but it had significance. I think he got it from his grandmother.

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