probably a B-class cinema, not so old – few cleansers move into mansion for the night

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I’m looking for a movie in which at the beginning a few cleaners move into the property for the night, have a party at night

however, a murderer emerges who haunts their bodies, possibly arriving by phone

probably a B-class cinema, not so old, the building manager was played by some more famous actor than the cleaners

very similar to Sorority House Massacre II – but newer, with possesion, not very popular i guess

dimian Answered question May 25, 2022

when did you see it? was it in english? horror, right? could it be from the 90s like “Evil Toons”? Was it teen horror? what do you mean by cleaners? was it a rave?


my god this is the movie you are amazing
i have been looking for it for 3 months now

thank you very much

VHS_Lives Posted new comment May 25, 2022

it was evil toons? awesome. enjoy.