Really need help remembering the name of this movie?

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I really wish I could remember more from this movie and I don’t even remember a clear image. The most I remember from this movie is that I’m pretty positive it was a cartoon and possibly a Disney movie, but I’m not positive on that. What I remember distinctly is a creepy feminine voice saying the name “Nicholasssss” and saying it again but a little louder and maybe higher pitched “Nicholassssss” and it coming from seemingly out of thin air. If I remember correctly, I think the little boy, who must have been named Nicholas, was in bed asleep when the voice was calling for him. It was definitely a movie I watched as a child but I feel like this movie is pretty old (for reference, I was born in 1999). For years, I have not been able to get that creepy voice out of my head and it kills me not knowing where it came from!

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