Recent black comedy about dinner party turned to murder

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I watched this movie recently, let’s say in the past two years, on Netflix, I believe. Now I can’t find it anymore. The basic plot is: a woman invites friends and acquaintances to a dinner party. The guests arrive one by one and she proceeds to murder each one of them. Or did she?

I think it’s a recent movie, made probably in the past 10 years or so. Indie type, no major actor, as far as I remember.

AndreaC Answered question Jun 14, 2022

@VHS_Lives, good guess, but that’s not it. The movie I’m looking for was not gory at all, it was more of a thriller than a horror.

I have to add to my description above that the guests show up one at a time on purpose: the lady host gave the guests different arrival times so she can kill each of them without any interference.

a little older, but “april fool’s day” from 80s?

Still not it. But I finally found it. Murder Made Easy