Recent(ish) Comedy Gun Gag

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Can someone please help me find the movie I’m trying to think of? It’s a recent(ish) comedy where a guy gets shot in the arm and freaks out but it turns out to just be a graze, and that’s the joke? I’m going crazy trying to think of it. (not Paul Blart). Thank you!

casspir Unselected an answer May 14, 2021

You sure it was his arm and not his ass? If it was his ass, then my suggestion is:
“Masterminds” (2016)

Zach Galifianakis is shot in the ass, he freaks out, Kristen Wiig checks his ass and it turns out it was only a graze, the bullet went through between his cheeks. You can watch the scene on YouTube here, it is the first clip in the video below:

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