Trying to find the title and a source for a Russian or Ukrainian re-make of the Finnish “I Hired a Hitman”. What I remember: 1990’s or 2000’s film, set in either Odessa or Kiev. Our hero gets dumped by his girlfriend, who has also conspired with his business partner to take over his business. He is broke and broken-hearted and decides to commit suicide, but cannot go thru with it. He hires a hitman (former Spetsnaz or paratrooper, wears the blue stripped shirt of Russian Special Forces), but then meets a new woman that he falls in love with. However, the new woman is married, but falls for him as well, and tells him that she will ask for a divorce.

Now in love, and with a new reason to live, our hero tries to get out of the contract, but cannot contact the hitman. He eventually outwits his hired killer, and kills him instead. He then goes to visit his new girlfriend for the first time at her apartment. He is warmly greeted by her and her young daughter. She tells him that she has not been able to contact her husband. Upon entering the apartment our hero sees a picture of the woman, her daughter, and her husband. The husband, is of course, the now deceased hitman. Which is where the film ends. I cannot for the life of me remember the name of this film! I would love to see it again.

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Maybe this one?:
“Priyatel pokoynika” (1997), also known as “A Friend of the Deceased”