Romance/Comedy I thought was called Beautiful Belle but cannot find anything online of that name

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I found a film on Youtube a while back (about 2019/2020)

It started with a girl breaking up with her boyfriend because she had cheated on him. Her best friend, who is a lesbian, suggests that she look back at her previous failed relationships and try to work out why she feels the need to cheat on them. There is also the suggestion that it is to do with her father abandoning her and her mother. Some of her ex boyfriends take great delight in seeing her hurt. At one point she goes to a gay bar and starts kissing another girl, but when they are outside she backs off, afraid. Another time she dates a bloke and is desperately ripping his clothes off when she stops and starts crying – the bloke says something about being sorry, and her needing help and leaves. She throws her old school year book in the bin after one bitter ex takes delight in her search for answers. In the end she realises that she is actually in love with her best friend, who she has also snogged at one point in the film in a drunken haze, the friend since having backed off the friendship completely. She has to break into her friends apartment at the end to tell her she loves her.

I think it is set in Canada but not certain. The end scenes are in winter with heavy snow laying on the ground and revealing that the best friend has not been out (something to do with sneakers on the porch)

Deewee Answered question Mar 9, 2022

This film literally means Beautiful Belle. I hope it’s the right one!

The name of the film is LelleBelle a 2010 Dutch TV movie.

Paula Posted new comment Mar 10, 2022

Hi Deewee,

Thanks for the suggestion but that isn’t the movie. The movie was definitely English Language.