Romance movie about a journalist and a mountaineer (French/Spanish?)


I can’t remember the name of a romance movie that I saw ages ago, and it keeps bugging me, so I’ll try asking here …

It’s most likely French or maybe Spanish, probably from the 90s. I’ve only ever seen it on TV, not sure if it was in cinemas at all.

The basic plot is that a journalist (woman, long blond hair) comes to mountains (Alps or Pyrenees, probably) to write an article about some local event, and gets a local mountaineer as a guide. I don’t remember if the guy was somehow related to the topic she’s supposed to write about or just a guide. During a hike in bad weather, when there’s a danger of falling rock, the guide uses a trick to make sure the rocks don’t harm them – they hide behind a boulder and he shouts so that the rocks fall without harming them. Initially she treats him as a local redneck, explaining him what a fax/computer is, etc. Then it turns out he’s some sort of weather expert / researcher, so she looks a bit silly. Obviously, it’s a romance movie so they later fall in love.

The other part of the plot I remember is that the boss managing the publishing company (who sent the journalist there, IIRC) meets the guy and likes him, because he’s down to earth / direct and unlike the various subordinates. There’s some sort of official party/banquet, and the subordinates play a prank on the mountaineer, telling him everyone is expected to come in the clothing traditional in the region they come up, so that they can laugh at him. But the boss overhears that, and comes in the traditional clothing too (actually, he might have been from the same region, not sure), so that the subordinates look silly.

peterx Asked question Jul 8, 2021