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I think this must be an 80’s movie because I remember watching it as a kid in the early 90’s on television. There is this expedition to go into the earth and this guy gives his friend his ring, like a class ring or something, and says you have to come back now because you are just borrowing this and I want it back. Then his friend dies on this trip underground.
Years later he goes underground and there are all these monsters and they are trying to escape in their ships or machines and the monster is on the windshield of the machine at the end and he sees that he is wearing the ring. So he realizes that the monster was his friend that supposedly died long ago.
I probably got some things wrong about this since I was really young and memory is strange, but I know the ring bit is right. I can’t find this movie anywhere its like it doesn’t exist. Maybe it was a very bad movie so no one has seen it. Any ideas would be helpful. Thanks everyone.

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“Journey to the Center of the Earth”(1993) ?

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You’re Brilliant!