Scene with guy on cart being pulled behind pickup truck, skidding into barbed-wire fence?

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I’ve never forgotten being shocked and horrified by this scene as a kid… I saw it on TV, prob’ly in the late 60’s, but possibly in the early 70’s… I remember it as a scene from a movie, but it’s not impossible that it’s from a TV show… As I recall it, a bunch of good-ol’-boy types were whoopin’ it up in the bed of the pickup truck as they pulled their buddy on a small, low cart (not unlike an automobile-mechanic’s creeper) behind them… It’s all fun an’ games — ’til the guy ends up in the fence!… I also have a vague recollection — which might be entirely inaccurate — that the event was witnessed by a fashionable couple in an open/convertible sports car who happened upon it… I’ve wondered about this scene for decades… Ring any bells?…

TIC Posted new comment Mar 31, 2021

Memories from decades ago — ‘specially those that’ve been accessed, mulled over, an’ refiled myriad times — are *definit’ly* not the most reliable things… Havin’ said that, I have no clear recollection of whether the scene in question was in color or b&w… An’ I’ve used the google-muchine to try to find it numerous times in recent year — but no luck… Really hope that my description — even if it’s sumwhut flawed — rings a bell wit’ one of you guyz or galz…


Kinda sounds like falling from grace with john mellencamp not sure tho

Powersjohnny Posted new comment Apr 2, 2021

Thanks for takin’ a stab at it, Pj, but that film, from the early 90’s, came along at least twunny years too late…

No problem