Sci fi movie name?

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I saw a movie as a kid in the 1960s but cant rememeber the name.

Definitely a “b” movie. Might have been made for tv but i dont think so. I think the movie was made in the 1950s or 1960s and was in black and white.

Its about a group of survivors from either a nuclear war or radiation accident who are living/surviving in a mountain fallout shelter presumably designed by the government or military for just this situation. There are mutant dead people who terrorize the survivors and make there way into the tunnels of the mountain. The mutants walk slowly and are held off by the survivors using some sort of wall.

I want to say that there are scenes where the survivors are out walking around in the forests of the mountains and i want to say the location is pennsylvania or west virginia. I forget how it ends but the movie has haunted me ever since..even worse that i cant watch it again since i cant figure out the name!!!


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Another possibility, but this one is not black and white, but colour:
“In the Year 2889” (1969)

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Thank you…i did look at the movie. No, its not the one.


Maybe “Day the World Ended” (1955)?

It is a balck and white horror sci-fi b-movie from the 50’s, it is set in a post-Apocalyptic world after an atomic war, there are survivors in the home of a survivalist, and there is a three-eyed mutant as well.

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Thank you…i did look at the movie. No, its not the one. There definitely a mountain with a series of tunnels where much of rhe movie is set.