Search for a forgotten action movie!


Period : 1990s – early 2000s

I have this scene in my head from something I watched when I was a kid. Recently had a dream about it. Now I neeeeed to know!

The final action scene is at a construction site where the protagonist is fighting bad guys (shooting and kicking ass); he’s there to save his love interest.

She is blonde and dressed in a only a leather jacket (which the protagonist gave her when he saved her from the bad guys. She was disrobed by the bad guys. More accurately just underwear and the leather jacket.

The construction site is busy and there are a lot of bad guys. The scene has a portion of the struggle in a crane (construction crane).

– construction site
– crane
– blonde woman in a leather jacket
– Hollywood movie (99% sure)

Thank you for your effort!

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double impact has a similar ending, but it isn’t a construction site they fight at.

It’s deffo not double impact .. Its not a JCVD movie either .. I don’t think that it was a very popular movie, but Hollywood none the less..