Searching a film where White people are paying to feel what it’s like to be black

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I’m looking for a film whith a scene about a group of white people getting into a role playing place where Black people are treating them like they were the black ones (insults, violence,…) after all the horrible stuff the white people gets out and praise the show.

Thanks for your time.

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That sounds like a scene from one of Brian De Palma’s early experimental films, “Hi Mom!“. That 1970 feature starred Robert De Niro. It contains an uncomfortably satiric sequence about a militant black experimental theater troupe that stages a show called “Be Black Baby”. Rich white liberals pay to experience what it is like to be black. The all-black performers in the troup perform in white face. They smear black shoe polish on the faces of the white audience and force them to eat soul food. Then the black performers (in white face) hurl insults at the white audience (in black face), rob and beat them, and even sexually assault a woman in the audience. De Niro, part of the performance, shows up in a New York City police uniform and “arrests” the audience members as they try to escape, under the pretense they are black and therefore can’t be believed. At the end of the performance, the rich white liberal audience, bruised, battered, and bloodied stagger out of the theater. They enthusiastically praise the show to a TV news crew.

The entire sequence is on youtube. Warning. This sequence was designed to be satiric, shocking, and offensive:

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That’s it thank you very much.