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I watched this film in around 1984. I was about twelve and the film was probably made mid 70’s.
A young blond haired boy is lost by his parents and brought up in a small village in Africa.
He grows very close to his new brother after living with him for years but eventually his
original family find him and take him home.Possibly to America. But it could be South America.
The boy in Africa misses his adopted brother so much he goes in search for him,stowing away on a
cargo ship and somehow finds him.
There was not a great deal of dialogue.
The two boys used to visit the local shamen in a cave with a fire is a scene that stands out.
I have been searching for this film for a long time,starting to think it might have been a dream.
Anybody have an idea of its name?

VHS_Lives Answered question May 8, 2021