Searching this movie for like 5 years, couldn’t Find.


This a movie about the married male protagonist, who went to china in searching of some seed(for plantation), but later fall in love with a native chinese girl. At the end part of the movie protagonist return to his hometown(carrying a letter from his chinese lover) where everyone of his locality make a big welcome for him. In the last scene protagonist went to a chinese woman in his neighbourhood for interpreting a letter that he received from his chinese lover, cried while the woman translating that letter.

I saw this film around 8-10 years ago, that’s why I unable to remember the actor(at some point I thought it was brad pitt but it wasn’t ) and actresses’s name. First portion of the plot can be slightly different but the end part (Where the letter from his chinese lover described ) is something that I remember throughout this several years .

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Although set in Japan, not China, Silk (2007) is otherwise very similar to your description.

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Thanks man. For all these years I have been searching for this answer, now I’m complete.
I love films man….I really do.

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