Secret twin replaces his brother


– A man is abducted by a twin who was either sent away by the parents, or was adopted by a different family. In either case, the main character was unaware he had a brother.
– The twin is vengeful, thinking he could have had the nice life his brother did if he had been raised in the same family.
– The main character is tied up in the apartment across the street from his own, where each apartment can see the other through their windows. So he can see his brother successfully pretending to be him.
– The twin replaces his brother, and attempts to replace him.
– One of the brothers dies at the end. The other characters believe the “evil twin” died, but the viewer, due to facial expressions of the character, is left to believe it is possibly the “evil twin” who survived, and managed to take over his brother’s place.

Any potential leads are appreciated.

NoiramSang Asked question Dec 28, 2021