Shipwreck floating body

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I remember a scene from a movie I watched in the late 80s or possible early 90s about a boy diving down to a shipwreck.
When he enters the cabin there is a corpse sitting in a chair.I think it was the captain of the ship. When the diver approaches to corpse he freaks out because the dead guys hand start to float and its looks like the hand is moving.
This really traumatised me as a child. I have been trying to find this movie (or possible TV series released on video) for a long time.

Hope somebody can help me out.

Kickbobby Answered question Jul 23, 2022

I’m pretty sure I saw such a scene in Flipper in my own childhood, but I don’t know which episode.

Night Owl Posted new comment Jul 23, 2022

Hi Kickbobby. Thanks for you reply. I dont think its Flipper, because it was such a scary scene, but its possible. I will have to see if can find that episode

Anybody else got any suggestions?