Hello everyone, I have been desperately searching for the title of this short film that was kind of like an afterschool movie and I feel like I saw it on PBS. Here is was I remember.
It’s the story of 2 kids , girl and boy and they are like in middle school. I remember they lived in a cold area because there was snow throughout the film. I was born in 1976 and I recall seeing this sometime in the 80’s and the setting of the movie was current time or perhaps late 70’s. The girl is the main character. The boy kind of looked like a young John Denver. They are tasked to do a school project together which they will have to present in front of the class. For some reasons which I don’t remember the boy didn’t show up to school when they had to present leaving the girl to do it by herself. I recall she had a sword and I think a helmet, seems like they were presenting about knights and chivalry.
There was a falling out with the girl and boy and I remember a scene where she pretended to knight him with the sword I mentioned earlier. The end of the film I remember he redeems himself with her by showing up riding on a horse and asking her to ride with him.
I remember watching this a few times so I feel like it was shown on PBS because at the time in mid 80’s be barely had basic cable which did not have a lot of channels. I would so appreciate if anyone knows what film I am talking about. Thank you.

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